Lost Your Identity?

Is your laser printer showing the best side of your business and giving your customers the lasting impression you want them to remember?  Are your profits going out the window for laser cartridge purchases and reprogramming expenses from updating obsolete information like phone numbers, addresses, logos, warranty changes, etc.?  Step out from the shadows of boring black and white forms.  Let Cardinal’s color, artwork and layout solutions make your business stand out and help build a unique brand and identity customers will remember.


But the benefits don’t stop there.  Cardinal’s cohesive and effective color/layout strategies and solutions can also make it easier for your customers to understand and navigate the sometimes bewildering paper trail involved in their relationship with you, from the initial buyer’s order, to warranty information, parts invoices, repair orders, customer satisfaction communications and everything in between.  Cardinal customers have the results to show that anything that helps put their customers at ease and leaves a favorable impression translates into higher CSI and better customer retention.